Grooming Tips for a Great Looking Dog!

If you’re one of those “do it yourself” guys, who wants to learn how to groom a dog at home, without spending money on expensive dog grooming services, you came to the right place!!

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Caring for your dog is so important. It really is an essential part of dog ownership, and it does not have to be a chore. Small amounts of regular care and attention can make a lot of difference to both your lives.

Many owners fall into the trap of allowing their pets to develop bad habits, and this applies to grooming and coat maintenance as much as it does to behavior. The whole basis of pet owning is that it should bring joy to your life. And-a little like rearing children-it is your responsibility to educate and care for your pet. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Starting To Groom A Dog

It is best to start with very short grooming sessions when your puppy is young and might not even look as if it needs grooming. Put the youngster onto the table and lightly brush him. Check inside his ears and look at his mouth, check his feet, and perhaps bathe his eyes. Also make sure he has a clean rear end daily or at least two or three times a week (finish with a little play or a reward afterwards). This routine establishes that this is serious time between owner and pet. And it keeps you aware of the pup’s physical condition.

If your puppy is very wriggly or you are just starting to groom an older dog, perhaps see if you can get another member of the household to help you initially by holding the pet still. This is best done by putting on the dog’s collar and getting the helper to stand in front of the pet and to hold the collar gently at each side of the dog’s head, thus restricting head movement. This is reassuring and comforting for the dog and enables the groomer to progress more quickly.

If you are on your own and do not have the benefit of help, again put a collar on your dog, but this time also attach a lead. If possible, position the grooming table against a wall, near a hook or something to which you can attach the lead to keep the dog’s head under control.

In a way, tethering a dog like this almost gives you an extra pair of hands while restricting the movement of the pet. However, never leave a tethered dog unattended on the table as, if it were to jump off, it could be disastrous. Keep the lead quite taut to prevent this from happening.

One the dog is mature and puppy tangles have gone, and depending on the thickness and texture of the mature coat, grooming can become a daily routine if time and aptitude allow. You should try to do it two or three times a week and certainly a full, thorough grooming should be carried out at least once a week.

It is better to groom thoroughly once a week covering every area scrupulously rather than simply going over the coat with a brush every other day for days o end, but not getting to the base of the hair shafts and thereby letting mats and tangles form.

Dogs will often enjoy a grooming session with their owner very much as the dog has the uninterrupted, devoted attention of their owner for however long the session takes.

Where And How To Groom A Dog

This short video will show you the basics of how to groom a dog at home, if you prefer to do it yourself, instead of taking  your dog to a professional grooming saloon. Grooming is not only crucial for your pet’s health and well-being, but it is also a good way to bond together. Not mentioning that will benefit you financially on a long run, by cutting down on grooming expenses, what you may spend when turning to a grooming specialist.

It is worth taking some time to consider where will be the best and most convenient place for grooming your dog. You want to make a well-informed decision, as your comfort while grooming should be a very important part in developing your sense of enjoyment and bonding with your pet.

There are several reasons why you should have an area that you use specifically for grooming. Ideally, you should use a table-or counter top-that is stable and of a good height for you (either sitting or standing) onto which you can put your dog. Somewhere perhaps in a garage, utility room, workshop or kitchen. Make sure the chosen location has a non-slip surface so as to make your pet feel safe.

A couple of rubber car floor mats laid on a slippery surface will often suffice. Putting your dog on a table will make it easier for you to groom it. Also, as it is confined to a smaller area and lifted up off the ground, your dog cannot run off and hide behind the sofa, escape upstairs or flee out into the garden with you in hot pursuit.

The grooming session should not be seen as a play event, and it should be conducted as a serious time when you concentrate on your pet, with a play and reward session afterwards. It is very easy to start play-grooming with a puppy, letting it chew the brush etc., but as the dog gets older, it becomes extremely hard to break them of this habit. It is much better not to let them begin playing around during grooming in the first place.


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